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Things to Share

In order for this movement to be effective our voices need to be heard by those that have the power to stop these tests. They will only listen when we respond in masses. Please get in touch with your board of education, your teacher's unions, your state governors, and let them know that they need to cancel standardized testing during this pandemic crisis. Rally fellow educators to join the cause.

We have made resources for you to use, in order to get this done. Make our voices heard!

Don't Know Where to start?

Do you want to advocate for students, teachers, and educators but are unsure of where to start? These conversation starters are filled with questions about specific topics that can help you begin a dialogue about what changes need to occur to make schools safe and equitable for EVERYONE. 

LA Rally


Call or email your state representatives using this sample script to demand a complete national moratorium on standardized testing! 

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